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At what point did we become so petty? For years I have tried to understand why we have made climate change, abortion, civil rights, and the first amendment political issues that we defend vigorously with little to no regard of who is challenging us. Now, during the largest crisis in my lifetime, I am watching us divide ourselves over a virus as we argue over personal rights and which personal rights our government can or cannot impede on. I don’t understand.

I could easily spend the rest of this post complaining about both the President and his administration’s approach to this crisis and the response by the elite liberal media and how they are focusing on every little mistake being made, magnifying them to distract from reporting real, worthwhile news. Both of these are guilty of creating the response to this mess, and social media has been the tool that they have exploited to further their messages and continue to deepen the divide in our culture. And it is working, for the worst.

Militias in Michigan have tested the boundaries of how far they can push the state and local governments as they demand that the governor reopen the state immediately. One story from Michigan reported that one particular militia stood guard outside of a barber shop so the owner could reopen, defying the current statewide order and daring police to get involved. The natural reactions to this story in our current climate are 1) good for them as they are defending their rights as Americans and 2) why are they being stupid? – these fringe movements are dangerous and its Trump’s fault. What I want to ask, desperately, is can someone with a loud, influentially broad voice talk some sense into both sides of this mess? They are guarding a barbershop because Trump called for “liberation” and then the left leaning media ran with the story only further stoking the anger and frustration these people were feeling which emboldened them to stand outside a barber shop with AR-15s. What the fuck, America? Do we even understand the reason the barber shop was closed to begin with? Has enough accurate information about the virus been decimated to the public to really establish a clear understanding of why we are trying to keep it from spreading?

“The news has posted and reported what is happening” – actually, no. They haven’t. While the left leaning news media has reported the recent numbers and warnings, they have done so while focusing on our current administration’s short comings and gaffs. The right leaning media has then chosen to report, on top of the current numbers and warnings, how the administration is doing a wonderful job and pointing out how the left is creating this divide – further creating the divide.

Meanwhile, people are dying. This is not a cold. It is not the flu. It is killing people, and instead of using our brains to create a path to getting past this, we are bickering over whether the lizard people of Clinton’s army are teaming with George Soros to help the Chinese create a super bio weapon where Bill Gates will then implant us with microchips so he can track us since the anti-Christ is coming soon.

Oh yeah, and we aren’t going to wear a fucking mask.

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