Semi-Charmed Life

COVID fatigue is real – I know because I have it.

In our first “Optic Poet” segment, Dr. J jokingly started the video by noting, “I hate my house” and “I love my children. I loved them more two months ago.” Although we laughed, I later wondered how much I have slipped into the COV-atigue. The reality is that I have replaced my “old” routines with new ones that have become more monotonous, more restrictive, and way less exciting. This is not news, unfortunately. We are all finding new ways to engage with mediocrity and limited shared space.

I am one of those people who will consistently find something to do when I feel boredom creeping into personal sphere. There is always something to create, something to fill my time with, something to build. But since mid-March when I was instructed to work from home, I have struggled to really fulfill anything of importance, and what I have been able to create and complete, I have found it harder to keep myself engaged with it. Routine is important, and I have forced myself into an ongoing routine complete with tasks and goals to complete in an effort to fend off monotonous actions and activities.

Routine, however, can become (in itself) a string of boring activities that eventually lose the desired effect of keeping me engaged. And so I find myself struggling to find something that will continue to peak my interest just enough to distract me from the reality of the COVID and this continuing string of days where most of my travels take place venturing between a home office, balcony, living room, kitchen, and home office. The cyclical nature of each day is grinding on my psyche and leaving me with the very real fatigue that has consumed my energy.

This is the COVID fatigue – and it will only get worse before it gets better. There is a reason they say patience is a virtue, and you really cannot appreciate patience until it has been forced on you much like it has during this odd epoch of our current condition. The real answer to dealing with the COVID fatigue – the non-exciting reality of living literally one day at a time and focusing only on what needs to happen today. Tomorrow is more of a guesstimate now than ever before, so trying to figure out what will happen then is pointless no matter how tempting it is to fall down the rabbit hole of “will it ever end?” – yes it will. Just not today, and that is ok…well, it has to be ok. We really don’t have any other choices.

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