Rearview Mirror

When I set out to create something, I typically stumble all over myself at first as I look for a pattern to establish. Rarely does the original outlined idea actually happen as I realize, through the creative process, that I was short sighted in how the thing I wanted was going to be achieved. What ends up as the end product is almost always the product of my aforementioned stumbling. This is how creating art of any kind works and it takes patience, dedication, and stubbornness to achieve. There are exceptions to this rule, but not everyone is a savant nor can they be. But those of us who have creative drives need to learn that in an ever increasing ADD world, finding the right stumbling block takes time – 99 percent of us will never see that right moment at the right place. But we will see our ideas come to fruition, even if it doesn’t look exactly like what we originally thought.

When I originally set out to do the BetaFiles, my first idea was a blog of me doing mess like this. Then, a few years later I got the idea that I could do a podcast. I planned the podcast out, wrote corny dad-style jokes, and did the exact opposite of what I promised myself I wouldn’t do in focusing on politics – particularly the President. Thankfully, life intervened and forced the podcast to end its short 10 episode run. But that creative push to create something, though shifting to an album I’ve been working on for three years now took its place for the interim, led to me looking at YouTube and what possibilities I could have there. Originally, I was going to move the podcast to YouTube and do audio only tracks while promoting everything through Facebook. My distaste for Facebook led me to leave the platform and subsequently shut down my personal Twitter account as well (there is still a BetaFiles twitter account out there that doesn’t require a personal account to be tied to it, though all it does is tweet that latest postings from this site). The idea of having audio only videos soon soured with my exodus from Facebook, and I began rethinking my strategy again. This time I would use Instagram as the primary social vehicle while expanding the YouTube idea to be both audio and visual. I was still going to use the original format of the podcast as the template.

But the more I thought about it, I didn’t really like the way the podcast had evolved. In turn, I decided to create shorts that I would tie together in a TV show – style episode for each week. My original plans for this have proven immensely time consuming, and I have (through those stumbles) been forced to step back and re-evaluate how I will actually create this content leading to a new system that should have been obvious to begin with.

I was also forced to realize that, even though I am creating content, I am going to eventually need a second or third or fourth creator to help with the projects along with coming up with other new ideas. So far, the few ideas I have had seem to be working for what I want them to accomplish, but I realize that, like so many things, only a couple of them will be able to withstand the daunting demands of changing tastes over time. Richard Cranium will live for a long while on the channel. “The Two Brians,” inevitably, will expire as the schtick will grow old. So will the newest idea “Janice from HR.”

My point in all of this rambling is that I have actually reached one of those productive stumbling blocks in this venture that is helping to define what I am trying to achieve. I have re-evaluated the whole project and have found the best way for me to create and distribute this content for consumption. Now I will execute and continue to learn and grow and create and evaluate and create more. That is the real workflow of art.  Patience, learning, trial and error, and continuous growth.

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