The BetaFiles Podcast – Alpha Series

This series contains the original 10 episodes from March – May 2018.

Episode #10 – May 18, 2018. North Carolina joins the long list of protest states, Kim Jung Un is leaning towards not letting Trump play with his toys, Democrats win big in the small arena, the  Senate releases Don Jr.’s diary, Trump’s check book gets an enema, someone important is getting married this weekend and we don’t give two shits about it, and Dr J is here to talk about political messages for the upcoming midterms – say hello to my little friend…

Episode #9 – May 11, 2018. Gina Haspel defends her street cred, Michael Cohen is leaked on, there is open rebellion in the house, California is proving to truly be the sunshine state, NBC and CBS are trying not to look back in anger, and Trump exits the Iran deal. Dr J is here to talk literacy because – Knowing is half the battle…

Episode #8 – May 4, 2018. A wolf breaks loose in Washington, the Koreans dance in the DMZ, Marco Rubio admits the tax plan was a bad idea, Facebook will soon know all of your desires, California and Texas are both going after the Administration, and Trump gets the questions for Mueller’s test ahead of time – Dr J will be here to discuss Comedians and Social commentary – What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate…More

Episode #7 – April 27, 2018. Ronnie Jackson drank his way out of the nomination for the VA, Emanuel Macron throws down the gauntlet to climate change deniers after kissing the ring of the Twitter King, the Supreme Court listens to closing arguments on the Muslim ban that’s not a Muslim ban, Mike Pompeo promises to keep the President’s binky close at hand, Sean Hannity is a douche and now we have proof, Prince William one-ups his brother’s upcoming wedding by bringing home one more mouth to have his servants feed, and Dr J is here to discuss white privilege and the white agenda – Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…More

Episode #6 – April 13, 2018. Paul Ryan throws in the towel, Trump and Russia play footsies over Syria and missiles, Michael Cohen gets a visit by the FBI, Mark Zuckerberg tries to explain Facebook to a bunch of out of touch white guys, and Mike Pence finally gets to realize his lifelong dream of ministering to the people of the Amazon – We need a bigger boat…More

Episode #5 – April 6, 2018. China Fires back at Trump and Wall Street takes the hit, David Hogg disses O’Reilly, Elon Musk is sleeping at the Tesla factory again, Julian Assange lost internet privileges, and Sinclair Broadcasting sets the new standard for low journalism. I’ve got a bad feeling about this…More

Episode #4 – March 29, opening day, 2018. Trump trades his security advisor and two lawyers for an ambassador, Stormy spanks 60 mins, Kim Jung Un sneaks into China for a real copy of an iPhone, Putin is losing rental homes all over the world, and Atlanta is held hostage by a cursor, “What did you do, Ray?”…More

Episode #3 – March 23, 2018. Andrew McCabe falls 27 hours short of full benefits, Putin wins in a landslide against…Putin, Trump calls for a plumber, the red head from Sex in the City wants to make love to the state of New York as their governor, and Mark Zuckerberg may finally get that front row seat in congress -hold on to your butts…More

Episode #2 – March 16, 2018. T Rex is extinct in international affairs, The House intel committee claimed no collusion then walked it back, Stormy wants to return her payoff so she can dish to Anderson Cooper, and our president is planning to fight the galactic empire with a proposed “space force” – hang on to your diapies, babies…More

Episode #1- March 9, 2018. The President of the United States is being sued by a Porn star, the attorney general is threatening to deport the state of California, Sam Nunberg lost his mind on national television, and the New Yorker ran a full dossier on Christopher Steele. Just another week in America – buckle up…More

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