The Optic Poet

In this episode, we return to 83 Custom Coffee for better audio and a better conversation about a meme I found on Instagram.
In this rambling podcast, Jay and I try to discuss Gen-X philosophy and where we think the roots came from.
In this one, Jay and I attempt to do a podcast from our favorite spot in High Point…
Jay and I discuss the different cultural events that have helped shape SOME of Gen-X’s political ideals.
Jay and I turn a conversation that was supposed to be about Gen-X religion into a discussion about growing up Baptist in the South.
Jay and I discuss how Gen-X witnessed the evolution of the internet and how our generation approaches what the internet has to give us.
The One about Gen-X Music
The One About Gen-X TV
The One about Gen-X Movies
The one where we talk about being a Gen-x parent.
In this episode we discuss the National Media.
What are we binge watching?
COVID and Social Media – is it healthy?
COVID and where we might end up