Dr J Segments

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Episode 1

In our first segment, we discuss William Carlos Williams and his love / hate relationship with Ezra Pound…

Episode 2

In Episode 2, we actually stuck to the script and discussed William Faulkner and his tendency to run around Oxford Mississippi drunk and naked…

Episode 3

In Episode 3, we deviated and decided to discuss the role of the Humanities and Social Sciences in the academy…

Episode 4

In this segment, we discuss possible Federal paid holidays that don’t show up on our calendar…but should.

Episode 5

In Episode 5 we discuss the current influx of teacher strikes and the ever growing debate over teacher pay and school funding…

Episode 6

In this segment, Dr J and I discuss national news and the politics behind it.

Episode 7

In this segment, Dr J and I discuss the “white agenda” in art and literature…

Episode 8

In episode 8, we discuss comedians and how they create or disrupt social commentary.

Episode 9

In Episode 9, we talk about conservative and liberal agendas.

Episode 10

In Episode 10, we try to solve the problems of the Democrats…