DC Layoffs

“Bloodbath,” that is the word I’ve seen used most often to describe the massive wave of layoffs at DC comics and DC universe. The estimates range from six hundred at the lowest, and the highest being upwards of one thousand. Most of those who lost their jobs were editors, leaving many wondering what exactly these layoffs mean for DC comics.

It is incredibly tragic that these editors lost their jobs at all, let alone in our current economic climate. However tragic, something along these lines has seemed inevitable since the AT&T merger with Warner Brothers. AT&T has in no way prioritized DC’s comics division, and DC universe, the other department hit hard by layoffs, has been being downsized for the past few months in order to incentivise subscriptions to HBO Max, which AT&T seems to have much more faith in.

Some are worried that this spells doom for DC comics, I however am not really concerned for DC in the long run. No matter how tragic these layoffs are, the only changes comic readers are going to see are less editorial mandated story edits, and maybe more typos. DC universe on the other hand, likely is on the chopping block. If you are currently subscribed to DC universe, I suggest you do as I am, and enjoy it while it lasts.

With DC’s “Fandome” event in just over a week, any questions about DC’s future will soon be answered. Although I do believe DC will continue it’s move towards television and film as it’s primary sources of income, I would not say the comics industry is in as apocalyptic of a state as many seem to believe.

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